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Seishirou advises John
by Marie (givemeyourwings)
at December 8th, 2005 (08:43 pm)

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[ This is set sometime after John and Seishirou have met but have yet to get involved. Just a little something we were working on as their meeting before realizing the timeline was off. Dur. So we just wrapped the scene up anyway. ]

Seishirou sat patiently in his office awaiting the arrival of his next appointment – the cop with the IA issues, Jonathan Brisco. From their first meeting, the attorney gathered that Mr. Brisco was the sort of man to be prompt, so he wasn’t overly concerned about that. It wasn’t quite time yet, so Seishirou had cleared away the work on his desk that was unrelated to this case and began reviewing the facts he had in regards to this cop which were infuriatingly few. He leaned back in the leather chair behind the oversized desk, peering at his own sloppily scrawled notes as the time passed.

Being on time wasn't a problem for him, so he didn't need to worry about it so much. No matter how hard he tried to be late, he was nearly always on time, if not early... which he didn't really appreciate that much. He let the secretary know he was there, and didn't sit down, knowing that he was perfectly on time, and would probably be let in soon. Or so he hoped... stupid bad leg.

Indeed he was shown into Seishirou’s office as soon as he arrived. It was a large office for such a young attorney which was a testament to the quality of his work. The blinds were closed, keeping the sun from glaring on the highly polished desk behind which he sat. The room was quiet, softly playing notes of some classical piece floating through the air the only ‘noise.’ Seishirou looked up from his reading, a simple almost sultry shift of warm brown eyes rather than a move of his head. And then he smiled, the expression warm but very practiced and never making it to his eyes. “Welcome back, Mr. Brisco,” he said politely, keeping all formalities in place.

The cop nodded, taking a seat in one of the chairs in front of the desk. He figured it was accepted that he would do so, especially as the cane in his hand did denote his status as, well, almost a cripple. Almost - he could still get around well enough. He looked up at the attorney.

"Back for another stay in investigational Hell, you mean," he said, sarcasm clear in his tone.

Seishirou laughed without feeling. “It wouldn’t be such Hell if you would throw me a bone. I really can’t help you if you don’t trust me with the truth.”

"Oh, I trust you with the truth. It just happens to be the same truth that I give everyone else," he replied, shrugging. He didn't have to add that that truth was 'none at all'.

“Mmhmm.” His eyes fell shut, dark lashes contrasting against somewhat pale skin, and he sighed. He closed the manila file folder in the center of his desk and, without looking at the other spoke in a soft but severe tone. “We cannot go on like this. If I can’t be trusted completely, I can’t represent you.” When his eyes opened once more they were different than before something almost deadly about the serious look they held. Even the air in the room changed a little. “What can I do to get you to trust me, Mr. Brisco?”

"I'll let you know when I decide to trust someone," he commented, sarcasm still in his tone. He really was very cynical, despite not really being all that old.

“I’ll have to suggest you find another attorney in that case.” Seishirou stood up and turned his back to the other man. He walked toward a window and used two fingers to part the blinds letting a blade of sunlight cut through the room. “I have my own record to worry about. I don’t want a case I’ll lose this early in my career.” He sighed again. “Defending a cop would’ve have been a shining star on that record for me. Too bad.”

"..Fine, whatever. You know damn well I can't afford to find a lawyer that's experienced enough to handle that." He paused, shaking his head, still holding the cane upright with one hand. "What do you need to know?"

The smallest hint of a smile upturned one corner of Seishirou’s lips while he had his back turned. It was gone replaced by a serious look when he turned back to his client. “I need to know the truth to craft a clever defense. That’s all.”

"Oh, is that all?" John asked sarcastically, smirking, but it faded soon enough. "I didn't do anything wrong, just so you know. I snapped at an idiot who was back talking inside the station. He was being an ass and I told him so. Not my fault he turned out to be somebody's suspect."

He laughed as he sat back down, the sound warm and mirthful. “Is that all? That shouldn’t bee too difficult to defend. If that really is the entire truth of the situation.”

"..I may or may not have tripped him with my cane when he called me a cripple," he added thoughtfully, shrugging.

“Hypothetically speaking, would such a slip have, oh, I don’t know… broken any bones, left any bruises or other physical evidence?”

“..Possibly some bruises, as he may or may not have hit his arm on one of the desks on his way down..."

"Might there have been any witnesses other than the supposed victim?"

"..There might have been some other cops, but some of them are unwilling to testify..."

"Would any one possibly attest to the fact that it was an accident? Perhaps this person who fell was already angry at being brought in as a suspect and simply had an accident and decided to try and get some revenge on the police. Would anyone testify to something like that?"

"I'm sure someone could be found...” He smirked slightly.

Seishirou nodded with a knowing smile. He opened the file folder and quickly jot down this hypothetical situation. "DO you know what this person was suspected of?"

"I asked around... possession with intent to distribute." He paused. "He's not a very good witness...”

“Not as trustworthy as a police officer. It would be even better if he had a record."

"Oh, believe me, he does."

"While we can't bring up his past crimes, we can suggest that he holds some grudge against the police and saw you as his chance for some vengeance. After all, he must have seen you as some sort of weak, inferior cop because of your leg. We're going to try to paint that picture, so, try to be a little more pathetic and victim-like, would you?"

He raised an eyebrow. "Do you want me to give the jury puppy dog eyes, too, while I'm at it?" He asked sarcastically. "...I'll try. I'm not very good at being a victim. 'S why I became a cop."

"At least tone down the cynicism and sardonic remarks. They won't help you. Leave the puppy dog eyes to me."

"Yeah, yeah. I'll look forward to seeing you try that," he smirked.

"I'm a good actor, Mr. Brisco."

"I'll leave it to you, then."

Seishirou smiled, closing the folder. "This has been a very beneficial meeting. Is there anything else you'd like to discuss while we're here? Any more hypothetical situations that I should know?"

"..Not yet. I'll let you know, if the plaintiff here decides to stop by the precinct again..."

The attorney chuckled. "I was expecting this to take more time. Looks as though I'll be out of here in time for my dinner date this evening. I thank you for your cooperation."

"Hn. Dinner date?" He raised an eyebrow, but somehow managed not to comment further.

Seishirou simply nodded, filing away the folder in a desk drawer and locking it. "I am known occasionally to have some leisure time to spend as I desire. I'm certain you do as well."

"I'll assume that was a joke, since I'm a cop - leisure time, what's that?" He said sarcastically, standing.

"I don't joke when I'm on the clock," Seishirou commented, standing as well to see his client out.

"Then you're disillusioned," he replied, stepping to the door.

"Do I detect a note of seriousness in your voice, Mr. Brisco?"

"Me, serious? Why, never," he replied, not quite smirking.

Seishirou nodded a bit and opened the door for John. "You have my card Mr. Brisco. If anything else comes up, don't hesitate to call me."

"..Yeah, I know." He smirked slightly, nodding as he walked out the door. He didn't thank him - he was paying him, after all, and John wasn't the type for thank-yous.

Seishirou murmured a polite goodbye as John left, closing the door behind him. That was the last appointment of the day. He couldn't help but smile as he began the ritual lock-down of his office. Once everything was secure, he shut of the lights, and put on his coat. He turned off the music last and then left, locking the door behind him. There was plenty of time before dinner. That was unexpected.


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Yey. I love it. ^_^ Hmm, we'll have to fix up the timeline is all, but it doesn't mess with Aidan's timeline. LOL.

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