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Daytona Beach 2000
by [ kind of lopsidedlike ] (sidecharacter)
at December 13th, 2005 (08:53 pm)

feeling: amused

[Totally copying Subaru-nee. This is set in 2000 in Daytona Beach, the morning after Seishirou and Aidan have sex. They were both tipsy at the time where they thought it was a good idea.]

Seishirou woke, groaning softly as the grogginess of a morning after a night that went too late came over him. His head was throbbing and his mouth was dry, most likely from the drinking he’d done the night before. And then, suddenly, none of that seemed to matter as he became acutely aware of the warmth of another in his bed. Their bodies were pressed together still, their limbs tangled in a strange sort of embrace. Carefully, Seishirou extricated himself from the other man and looked with bleary morning eyes at his guest.

His heart nearly stopped to behold him there! Yet, he couldn’t find the usual loathing for the doctor seeing him now. There were bruises and scratches too numerous to count, some were probably from teeth, but Seishirou didn’t want to think about that. He winced looking at the other’s shoulder, the awkward angle at which it rested belaying its condition. Lightly, he ran his fingertips over the other’s face, brushing back some unruly hair. This was probably the only time Seishirou would see the arrogant doctor so unguarded. It was a small victory to know that he had caused the disheveled state the usually pristine man now sported.

Slowly, Seishirou rose from the bed, doing his best not to wake his guest, whose name he had yet to recall. Bare feet padded across the wood floor. They slipped into their house shoes as Seishirou donned the nagajuban he used as a robe. The least he could do was prepare some breakfast for the unfortunate who had ended up as his partner the night before. It wasn’t long before the scent of food came wafting up the stairs into the bedroom from the kitchen below.

Aidan was dreaming. He didn’t know what he was dreaming about, but he did feel oddly safe. A sleeping smile formed as his fingers unconsciously curled around the warmth he was resting against. He didn’t notice it until he could no longer feel it. Moving his hand around for it, he tried to have his other start in the search but that ended abruptly with a sharp jab of pain for even remotely trying to have any muscle movement down that arm. Eye lids snapped open as his eyes bugged a little out of his head in a cartoon-ish manner. There was a curse word at the tip of his lips, but he had not swore in such a long time (past inside his own head, but he didn’t think that counted) and wasn’t about to now.

Pushing his good arm against the bed, he sat up, resting on his knees as he looked over to his shoulder only to see it at some awkward angle. Dislocated. He muttered inside of his brain, the voice his surgical tone, while the rest of him was cursing about being so sore. Marks on his body reminded him of the night before – though not too drunk to be completely oblivious to what happened, but definitely tipsy enough to let it happen. It was about that time that it dawned on him that he had sex, not that all other signs didn’t point to that, but rather that he was more concerned about his shoulders than last night’s activity. However, now his shoulder took the backseat to his current worries.

So, what had happened last night? Looking around, he took in the entire room, nodding at Japanese scroll and kimono, as his suspicions were turning down a road he didn’t want to go down. Seeing a photograph on the dresser, moved over so that he could pick it up, but nearly dropped it as he saw who was in it. That lawyer! And… he has a twin? Great, there are two of them. He muttered in his mind sarcastically.

Straightening his back, he felt like his rights had been violated – obviously he could even claim assault and battery for his arm. Rape. That was it. This had to be a horrible rape. Shaking his index finger from side to side as he started making a list, he was going to take his complaints up with that lawyer – though still a little surprised that he dislocated his shoulder; it seemed rather unlike the lawyer from what Aidan had seen of him.

He could smell the food cooking downstairs but that wasn’t much solace as he ran his hand through his hair, making it messier (if that was possible) than it already was. The man had to take responsibility for his actions, and help him fix his shoulder, as it would be too embarrassing to go to a doctor to fix it. Yes, he would lie, but that wouldn’t change how embarrassed he would be for knowing the truth.

However, as much as he would have liked to storm downstairs, he was still quite naked, and didn’t think any talking to could be taken seriously while naked. And as much as he would have liked to be dressed, his arm hurt too much to slide his shirt on, let alone pants. Let alone that he didn’t want that lawyer to come in while he was struggling with his clothes. So, he sat down on the bed, crossing his legs to give himself as much dignity, but looking more like some pissed off princess.

For his part, Seishirou kept himself busy in the kitchen, unaware that the doctor had awoke. In spite of his dislike for the other man, he would at the very least be a good host – let him shower and eat, lend him clothes if necessary. What in the world had he been thinking to bring that man home? He could’ve called any number of people had he wanted sex. Why him?

He prepared a tray of food, piling scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage links, shredded potatoes, wheat toast, cold cereal onto plates and bowls. Just be honest, Seishirou. You enjoyed breaking him, anything to get that smug expression off his face. The man sighed knowing that was the truth, even if the details were still a little hazy. He set three glasses on the tray – milk, juice, and tea – and carried up the stairs and into the bedroom without a spill.

It would have been a lie to say he wasn’t surprised to see his guest already awake. Seishirou’s breath caught momentarily. What could he say to the person he had treated so horrible for no real reason at all? Was there anything he should say? He glanced almost shyly at the other man, feeling as though he were intruding. Though, Seishirou had to admit, with his proud defiance returned, the doctor wasn’t hard too look upon, his form bathed in the morning light filtering through the frosted window.

To announce his presence, Seishirou cleared his throat then approached. “Here,” he said in quiet voice. “Please eat.”

Aidan’s lips were pressed together into a very firm line before he heard the lawyer speak. His eyebrows shot up before pushing down to make an annoyed expression instead. Taking a deep breath, he glared over his shoulder to the man holding a tray of food. His shoulders dropped slightly, which caused a wince of pain at his own stupidity.

But he was surprised that the other had gone through such lengths for breakfast. His lips pressed into a pouting expression as he remembered that he got no breakfast from John, really just some sarcastic teasing remark that made him wish he chose anyone else to be his first. How embarrassing.

“I don’t think I should.” He smarted back, not going to let his sudden sentiments get in the way that he was supposed to be angry. “I just thought I should tell you that I’m going to call the police and tell them that you raped me.” There was the urge to add a ‘so there’ with his tongue sticking out, but he somehow was able to push back that horribly childish temptation.

“And thank you for breakfast, it was thoughtful.” If he could, he would have crossed his arms and grumbled, but at best he could only look even more perturbed, like some cat stuck out in the rain.

A single brow arched at the other’s words. He set the tray upon the bed and pushed it across to the other side where the doctor sat. “Do as you like after you’ve eaten and cared for your shoulder. I can call a physician to look at you, if you wish it. I can assure you he is discrete.” Seishirou’s tone was still soft, not as business-like as he would’ve liked though. A small part of him seemed upset by the doctor’s words. Rape, indeed!

He deflated in some of his anger, as he looked over the lawyer. The pout was gone because he felt it was demeaning to his whole cause of being angry. But, he was losing his anger, which was making it difficult to keep his expression as such. His head bowed, he always got too emotional after sex. ‘Course, he only engaged in it once or twice, so it was perfectly natural that his reaction to it was still fresh as it should be. So there was nothing wrong with it, so he wouldn’t apologize for his outburst.

“Thank you very much. It is surprisingly thoughtful to do all of this for me after you dislocated my shoulder and forced me to wear a lot of long sleeve outfits for while.” Aidan couldn’t help but be snotty, even though he was trying to give a heartfelt thank you to the other.

His teeth ground against each other, as he thought like giving a proper apology. He learned something he was sure most people didn’t know about the lawyer, how violent (his hand touched his shoulder at that word echoing in his mind) he could really be, but also how sweet. The man just didn’t seem like the type to make breakfast, or at least one as delicious as the one he did make – considering that Aidan couldn’t cook for his life this meant something.

“And…Aidan Harker.” His teeth snapped together, but he felt he could at least give his real name to someone who had sex with him. He had done the same for John. Stupid sentiments. “Is my real name.” He looked off to the side, eyebrow twitching slightly in annoyance. He hated his twisted sentimental nature.

“Rakujochigusa Seishirou,” he answered automatically in turn. His eyes didn’t meet the other man’s, but instead looked everywhere else – the tray of food, the tangled blankets on the bed, the window, the walls. Finally Seishirou sighed heavily and did look at Aidan’s face. “You’re lucky,” he murmured quietly.

Aidan nodded like he understood the name, trying to repeat it a few times in his head, but failing horribly. So, he decided that he wouldn’t try to say the other man’s name unless necessary. Still, Aidan was confused by that statement of being lucky. He mulled around what the man could mean by it, before giving up and deciding to ask him himself. After all, it wasn’t like he had much to lose with asking.

“I’m sorry,” he carefully looked at the lawyer’s face, deciding that looking at the wall the entire time didn’t make him much more than some child having a tantrum. “Could you explain how I’m lucky?”

Seishirou sighed again, sitting down on the opposite side of the bed with his back mostly turned toward Aidan. His hands ran over his lap once and again smoothing wrinkles from the fabric of the nagajuban. “I…” he began softly, looking down as though addressing his lap. “I haven’t lost my temper like that in a very long time.” He looked up and turned to face Aidan, his usually pleasant face now a mask of seriousness. “The last person to be on the receiving end of my wrath was in a coma for several weeks. He… He can no longer walk…”

Finally the Asian rose, turning to look over his shoulder as he walked toward the door. “Eat. I’ll call my physician.” His mind was still racing. What on Earth had he been thinking!?

“Uh… thank you, really.” Aidan’s eyes were just a little larger with the thought of how close he was to being in a coma, or even losing the ability to walk. It wasn’t hard to tell that the other was telling the truth, and that made it a little more frightening. He was thanking him a mixture of getting him a physician and for having some self restraint not to do worst. At least he hoped it was that and not just pure luck. It was frightening to think about, and yet comforting in a way, to know something so intimate about someone else. I’m so weird. He thought in a rather deadpan fashion, eating some of the food prepared for him.

He went back downstairs to use the phone in the kitchen. Unless Aidan came downstairs, it would be impossible to eavesdrop. Not that Seishirou cared if anyone overheard. He was simply calling in a friend on a favor. After he hung up the phone, he went back to cooking, making some breakfast for himself as well. He fixed a plate and sat down at the island in the kitchen gazing out the East facing window.

What were you thinking? He wondered to himself, in the third person as he had always seemed to do. You don’t know anything about him. Dark lashes closed, resting on significantly paler skin and the man rubbed the bridge of his nose. Gods, this could be his ruin!

Humming to himself, the eggs were a little runny, but overall the meal was well appreciated and overall delicious. It was hard to eat with the dislocated arm, but somehow he managed. His stomach was pleased with real food, and he couldn’t blame it. For someone who had been forced to eat take-out for quite some time, it was heaven to eat actually cooked food. For some reason, he was unable to make his own meals. One would think that an accomplished surgeon like himself would be able to make one simple meal over a stove. He grumbled to himself, finding that he was trying to hate the lawyer for every little thing now, like being accomplished in the kitchen when he was not.

It wasn’t very long before Seishirou’s doctor arrived and was briefed of the situation. He led the physician up the stairs and into the bedroom. One would had to have been blind to not notice the look exchanged between Seishirou and his doctor. “Aidan, this is Dr. Sauter, my personal physician. He’s going to look over you and see to your shoulder. Are you done eating? Is there anything else I may get for you?”

“No, no, that’s fine.” Aidan disliked the overall accommodating tone that he was taking, but he didn’t want to make a scene now. It was okay when he was alone with the lawyer, but with witnesses it made it a little more embarrassing. He questioned his logic, but found that it only gave him a headache, so let it be. “Thank you very much for all that you’re doing.”

He, of course, wondered about the look exchanged between the physician and lawyer, but didn’t think to question it outside of his head. Perhaps the physician was happy that the Asian had not killed him, or perhaps just surprised about his shoulder being dislocated all together. Maybe him being naked had to do with it. He really didn’t want to question anymore than his pride was letting him.

“And thank you for coming, doctor.” Even though the lawyer promised that he would be discrete, it didn’t help his embarrassment of needing a doctor for some rough-housing (could he even call it that without feeling the need to hold his head) that happened during sex. This is what going mad must feel like…

The doctor went straight away to working on Aidan’s shoulder. He warned the man that resetting the joint would be painful and set about doing it. After that, he inspected Aidan quite thoroughly for any other wounds that he may have sustained. Finding nothing worse than bruises, scratches and a bite or two (neither of which looked to have broken skin), he handed Aidan a script for an anti-inflammatory and a mild pain killer.

After the doctor had gone, Seishirou loitered at the door of his bedroom, peering in at Aidan. “I brought you a shirt to wear… I think it should fit you, though I’m a bit taller. I don’t think you’ll be able to wear the one you arrived in.” He stepped inside once more and lay the Oxford styled shirt on the bed. “The phone is in the kitchen if you’d like to use it to call the police.”

His good arm trembled, fingers twitching as they gripped the bed sheet, as he heard his arm pop back into its socket. There was some garbled cursing (once more he did not count it because it wasn’t actually articulated) as he held his arm, but using his two index fingers to take hold of the prescription, with a nod of his head for thanks. Apparently, the doctor got that he wouldn’t be able to form sentences for a few minutes and by then, the physician had already left. He became aware that he was being spoken to; forming the words in his head as he looked over towards the lawyer, seeing him set the shirt down on the bed.

“You wouldn’t try to stop me if I tried to call the police?” Aidan hummed to himself, still babying his bad arm with the prescription in his hand. He thought about that, wondering if the lawyer was just kidding or if it was a serious invitation to call the police. But if he called the police, he’d have to go through annoying paperwork and a proper system. His hand moved from his arm, to tug at his hair. “Never mind. It’s not important. You went through all this trouble; it seems rude of a guest to inconvenience you more than I have to.”

Seishirou shook his head to indicate a negative answer. “No, I wouldn’t stop you,” he answered softly. “However, I would hope you wouldn’t end my career with an accusation like rape. Battery I could understand. I’d even cope with solicitation. You must understand that my career is at stake with you, Mr. Harker. Whether or not you call the police, whether or not you speak to the media or anyone of influence. The only thing I can do is accept it gracefully.”

“That’s quite kind of you to do.” Aidan tipped his head to show his admiration for the lawyer’s resolve about the whole situation. But, he couldn’t risk it. There was always the thought that it would go public and the bank in New York would find out, let alone the police that would come for him. Of course, he really couldn’t say that. His real name was enough of a confession as it was. “I don’t think I’m going to. It’s not a big deal. I don’t think I should make it out to be one. I bike a lot, so it isn’t unimaginable that I hurt myself accidentally.”

He sniffed the air in an indignant fashion to say that he doubted that he would be so careless on his bike, but it didn’t change the fact that it could happen. “Either way, it seems wrong to ruin or even try to ruin someone’s career when it seems as though… I came here willingly.”

Seishirou nodded. “I’m sorry for inconveniencing you,” he said almost inaudibly. “I…” he looked down, his fingers clenching in the white robe he wore. “I didn’t intend for things to get out of hand…” Seishirou looked back at him, his brows furrowed and his lips pressed together. “I’m very sorry.”

“Ah…” He wasn’t sure what to say in response to the apology. At best, he didn’t think that it was needed, considering that for some reason he didn’t think it was too necessary. It wasn’t like he forgave the lawyer for dislocating his arm and marking his skin absolutely, but it seemed so weird to hear an apology from the usually smug man. Nice, but weird. He looked off to the side, eyes resting on the picture of the lawyer and his twin brother, murmuring, “You’re apology is accepted. Don’t think too much about it. It could have been worse.”

He smiled weakly and nodded. “Thank you, Mr. Harker,” he said on the exhale, betraying his relief that the situation hadn’t been worse. Seishirou stood up once again and smoothed the little wrinkles he’d put in his robe. “The bathroom is adjoined to the bedroom if you’d like to shower. The towels are fresh.”

“Really, think nothing of it.” Aidan tried to shrug but held his bad shoulder the second after the motion, cursing a little. Of course, he played it off easily as a spasm in his bad arm, rather than admit his own folly. “That would be nice.”

He thought about how different the lawyer acted now, and it seemed like a way that was far more favorable than their first meeting. And, of course, he was a lot kinder to him than John was, so already he was high on Aidan’s list of favorable people. As such, he had far more affection for him now than before.

In an offhand manner like he didn’t care otherwise, he asked, “Would you like to join me?”

Seishirou blinked, his dark eyes widening in surprise. Did he just hear the doctor correctly? Did the man who was a few moments ago accusing of him of rape just invite him to shower? “I... I beg your pardon?” He stammered, seeming to have a great deal of trouble wrapping his brain around the change circumstance. What was going on?

Aidan sighed, feeling some embarrassment for his question now. “Well, I just thought to offer. And besides, my arm hurts still, so it would be hard for me to shower properly.” He decided to go with a guilt trip at least, but it was somewhat honest, it would take him longer as his arm still hurt (quite a bit actually) and he wasn’t about to be using it properly for a few weeks. Again, the way he saw it, the lawyer wasn’t all that bad. It wouldn’t hurt to give him a chance. Most people should be so lucky.

Ah, now it made sense. Aidan wasn’t inviting him to shower out of some sense of intimacy, but rather for help. Well, it was something Seishirou felt he should do since he was the cause of Aidan’s injury. “Alright,” he said after a brief moment. “Would you prefer a shower or a bath?” Seishirou managed with his usual pleasant smile. “The bath is a garden style tub with spa jets. I think it would do some good for your muscles.”

He made a few thoughtful noises, before looking at his skin, mild annoyance forming around his lips. But, he once more reminded himself that he should be so lucky – that was if he believed the story that the Asian gave about putting someone in a coma. Then again, by the way that he had spoken about it, Aidan wasn’t about to question it. Nodding, finally coming to an answer, his bed head flopped around in a random fashion. “Yes, a bath would be nice, thank you for offering.”

Seishirou nodded. He gestured for the other man to follow him, not waiting to see if he would. There were only three doors in the room – the one that lead to the hallway, one for the closet, and the other to the adjoined bathroom. It was a spacious room and like everything else in the house it was decorated sparsely. The floor and counters were marble and there were more windows in this room than any other thanks to the windows in the ceiling to let in natural light.

Seishirou sat on the highest step leading up to the spa bath and turned on the water, letting it run until it was warm before stoppering the drain. Of course it was his habit to shower off before bathing, but that was not a Western custom, so he would not suggest it to his guest. Right now, the other’s muscles were probably quite sore and in need of the heat of the bath.

The water was running when Seishirou left to find the remote for the radio… He liked having music playing constantly. He was surprised he hadn’t turned it on before they became entangled last night. Finally he found it by the bedside table and clicked it on. The entire house was wired so it played throughout, quiet notes of Beethoven’s piano concertos floating on the air.

Aidan thought about being modest, but he supposed that the lawyer had seen everything there was last night, so there wasn’t anything he had to be modest about. His thoughts then ranged on how he should walk. Not too proud with his chest puffed out or anything, as he was sure to start laughing at how ridiculous that would be. But a leisure kind as he babied his shoulder, like he was taking everything in and not caring what he saw.

Upon entering the bathroom, he ran his fingertips across the marble counter. He hummed to himself in an approving fashion. He tipped his head back to stare up at the ceiling, pleased with the light that came into the bathroom. It was quite nice bathroom, just a little better than his own, but he wouldn’t actually say that out loud. He watched the lawyer leave as the water ran in his absence. Aidan thought about stepping in, but decided to wait until it was full to do that.

His attention shifted as he heard music come into the bathroom, playing throughout the entire house it seemed. He called to the lawyer, as he turned to watch the water instead, in a polite, friendly tone. “What a wonderful environment you give to your guests. I’m quite impressed, sir.”

Seishirou almost laughed. Almost. Somehow, he managed to restrain himself. If Aidan wished to believe this was how Seishirou treated guests, he wasn’t going to tell the man otherwise. In fact, this was not the guest bathroom. Nor did guests often stay in his room with him. Even his lovers when they came to call stayed in one of the two guest rooms. They certainly never had access to Seishirou’s private bathroom! “It’s nothing,” he replied modestly, gesturing for the other man to step into the bath.

The details of the evening past were foggy but Seishirou recalled the basic points. However, the hour, the alcohol, and the fact that he had turned on few lights if any at all kept the memory of the other man’s body from him. It took a great deal of effort on Seishirou’s part not to glance at Aidan’s undressed form now that he was standing rather than sitting on the bed.

“Perhaps,” Aidan chose his words carefully as he did do as the lawyer suggested stepping into the bath, making some happy noises as his body seemed quite pleased with the warm water on his rather abused muscles once he sat down. “I should come over more. Of course, I extend this invitation to you as well. I wouldn’t want to come off as an individual who takes advantage of other’s kindness.”

The Asian couldn’t help but smirk, moving to sit on the step beside the bath. He kept his eyes elsewhere as he spoke, though not wishing to appear rude by turning his back to the other man. “You seemed to have changed your mind about me rather quickly, Mr. Harker. My I inquire as to the reason for that?”

His expression turned back to annoyance now that he would have to explain himself. However, he conceded because he was acting rather strange, even for his own mindset. It was best to be as honest as he could without giving away too much. “I had a rather bad relationship recently.”

He glowered as he didn’t say that he was technically still in that relationship, if one could call it that. “But you’re a lot…” His brows wrinkled together as he tried to think of the right term. “You have a far better bedside manner than he did.” It was all he was willing to say, anything else and he might turn red from embarrassment and be unable to play it off as the heat of the water.

Seishirou lifted a brow and turned his gaze directly to Aidan’s. “You’re telling me I’m not the only one who has made an effort to rend your limbs off lately?” This time he couldn’t stop himself from laughing. The sound wasn’t mocking, but mirthful, warm and full like the notes of a cello. He lifted a hand to his lips as if to block the sound but too late. “Excuse me,” he said, collecting himself. “I don’t mean to laugh at your at your situation. I find it ironic that you say my bedside manner is some sort of improvement. I’m often told quite the opposite.”

His fist lightly tapped his forehead as he thought that he should have really considered liking the lawyer more than John, who had teased him horribly about finding out about still being a virgin. At least, he is under the impression that the Asian would have been discrete and hardly as bitingly teasing about it if he had known. So, if he took that into account, he had to say that the man was far better to wake up with. “Trust me, you’re quite the improvement.” He paused for a moment, thoughtful. His hand moved to touch the already bruising skin around his arm. Huffing somewhat in mild annoyance of the sight, he ignored it as he cupped some water to run over the sore skin. “Minus the whole wrenching my arm out of its socket. You’ve been quite wonderful.”

“Well, if it’s last evening you’re talking about, yes I already know. If it’s this morning, thank you.” Seishirou reached into the bath, wetting a cloth and then wringing the hot water out slowly over Aidan’s shoulder. He was silent for a moment, awkwardly so. He wasn’t one to pry nor offer too much but he was curious about this man. “May I ask a question?” He finally asked.

His eyes closed as he hummed softly with the hot water over his arm. It helped the soreness of the muscle, and while there was some minor pain of touching it as it was still so freshly set, it was still quite soothing. He didn’t think much about the question to ask a question. “No, I don’t mind. What is it?”

Seishirou wet the cloth again and once more squeezed the water from it over Aidan’s shoulder as he pondered how to phrase his question. “I couldn’t help but notice that you didn’t find it strange to wake in another man’s bed. Is this something that happens to you… err… often?” He winced at the way it sounded. “What I mean is… are you accustomed to sleeping with men?” Oh, that sounded almost as bad…

“Er…” He hummed for a moment, thinking about his answer. Not sure about it quite yet. “I’ve only been with men, if that’s what you’re asking. But, I thought you were someone else, and when I found out, I was a little perturbed as you recall. But anyway, I try not to have people know my…” Aidan cleared his throat as he found it getting dry with embarrassment; still he tried to keep his same pretentious tone of voice like it was obvious. “…sexual preferences. It just seems to be bad for business sometimes, if you know what I mean.”

A silent wave of relief washed over him. At least he had made a career ending mistake by bedding this guy. “I understand completely,” he said in a business-like tone. “I too prize my privacy and value discretion in others.” Seishirou laughed in a more relaxed manner than he had before. “Yokatta! I was worried I would have to do something terribly embarrassing like offering you a check…”

Aidan despite himself started laughing, it shook his shoulders a little which hurt, but it was quite humorous all around that he ignored it until it died down. He shook his head a few times to get the giggles out, mildly embarrassed by them. When he finally spoke again, it was an easy, light-hearted manner despite it all. “I suppose that would be quite interesting. How much would you have been willing to give me to keep quiet? Or would I have been killed, if I didn’t accept?”

Now Seishirou laughed again. “Killed? Absolutely not! That is definitely a career ruining move. As for how much, well, the answer should be obvious. Whatever it would take. But still, that would have been a dangerous move. Money can be traced back, its purpose found. I’m glad it won’t resort to that.” He sniffed the air indignantly before continuing. “Besides, I didn’t want to degrade you like that.”

He smiled in a cheerful sort of fashion, quite amused with the odd conversation in his own little way. “I’m so glad that you’re thinking of my feelings. It touches me to know that you’re concerned about something like that.” Tipping his head back to look up at the lawyer, he tired to appear serious, but couldn’t suppress the smile from his eyes. “Really, it does.”

The Asian man feigned a look of hurt, and feigned it well. “I think you’re not being serious with me, Mr. Harker. I’m hurt.” Then he too smiled and splashed water into Aidan’s face. “It isn’t as though you didn’t fight back. Have you seen the wound you left on arm? The doctor told me I may need a rabies shot!”

For a moment, Aidan wondered if he had hurt the lawyer’s feelings, fooled by his act before seeing the smile appear shortly afterwards. He had to commend him for that even if his face and hair was now wet with his momentary foolishness. Still, he feigned indignity, sniffing the air in the same way that the man had done not so long ago, though breathing in some water droplets still on his face in the process. “Of course, it was all part of my own self defense, I’m sure. You can’t blame me for trying to protect myself.”

"You argue too much," Seishirou mused quietly, his gaze more contemplative than it had been before. "Are you ever quiet?"

“No, not really.” Aidan kept his gaze even with the lawyer’s, more out of habit than actually really thinking about it. “I just don’t like to lose.”

"You can't win against me," Seishirou purred, his voice dropping and his expression more intense. "Haven’t I proved that to you already?"

“Perhaps,” he was mildly surprised by the change of voice, but wondered if it was just another joke of the lawyer’s, so didn’t fall for it. He smiled in a cordial manner. “But, I’m not about to give up. Eventually, I’ll wear you out and you’ll agree with me. It’s inevitable.”

A single dark brow arched. “Oh really? Are you insinuating that I haven’t the stamina to keep up with you, Mr. Harker? I think you’ll be proven sorely wrong on that matter.” Seishirou loved nothing more than he loved a challenge. “I think you might yet be too sore for a rematch. But… If you think you can handle it, I’ll happily oblige you.”

“I can handle anything, sir.” Aidan smiled in a cocky fashion before moving his attention to his wounded shoulder. He kept his smile though, turning slightly teasing. “But I fear we may have to hold out on that until all my limbs are properly healed. Or else, what would we be doing in bed?”

"Seishirou," the Asian corrected, sounding out each syllable slowly. "Se-i-shi-ro-u." He leaned in close to the other man, having no qualms about invading his personal space. "I agree we should wait until you've healed. I'll give you my card before you leave. I sincerely hope for a chance to do this again properly."

His smile faded somewhat at the closeness of the other man – inside his mind saying his name repeatedly until he got close to it; but deciding to shorten it to Sei anyway. It was easy to remember and didn’t have to try to sound out the rest of his name. Still, he decided to ask, gaining his smile once more, showing just a little bit more teeth in his amusement. “That’s very kind of you. I hope that we can do this again properly. Oh, and would it be too much if I could call you Sei, instead? Considering how close we are now.”

The expression seemed to melt from the man’s face, almost visibly. “We’re not close,” he said flatly. “And I would rather you not call me that. It’s like this: say-she-row.”

“We aren’t? Well, all right then. How presumptuous of me. I’m sorry.” Aidan wondered about the sudden change of expression, but kept his smile from slipping somehow. He made a thoughtful noise as he decided to try to say his name. “Hmm…Mister Say-shee-arrow...Say-shee-row...Say-she-row...Seishirou, yes?”

Seishirou nodded once. “That’s correct, Mr. Harker. That’s my first name, in case you’ve forgotten. I don’t expect most to be able to pronounce my family name.”

He thought about that for a moment before deciding that he rather enjoyed that unspoken challenge. “How about if you record your last name for me? If that isn’t too much trouble, of course. I would like to be able to say it for you.”

"It's not that important to me," he lied.

"Well, it is important to me." Aidan shrugged his good shoulder. "So what could it hurt, Mister Seishirou?"

Seishirou rolled his eyes. "Seishirou-san, if you must. Listen closely, Mr. Harker. It's on my card so you can see it spelled then. Rah-koo-joe-chee-goo-sah."

“So, the next time we meet, hopefully I’ll be able to say your last name then, Seishirou-san.” He sounded quite confident, and he was. He had enough time on his hand, so why not learn the lawyer’s last name. It seemed like a task that not many could do, and as such, Aidan had to take it up. His ego wouldn’t let him do otherwise.

The Asian smirked. "I like your attitude, Mr. Harker."

His smile again turned into a cocky one, unable to keep himself from saying it. “Who wouldn’t?”

"Damare," Seishirou said softly.

"What does that mean?" Aidan felt suspicious that Seishirou had said something rude to him in another language.

"It means 'be quiet'," he answered. "Not shut up, but be quiet."

"I see." He allowed a brief moment of silence to pass before he felt like he could ask Seishirou a question, but perhaps, considering how gentlemanly the lawyer was with asking delicate questions, he should be too. "Seishirou-san, would it be all right to ask you a personal question?"

"You may ask, but I reserve the right not to answer," he said genially, once more dipping his hand into the water. Not waiting for the other to speak, he lifted his hands, running them carefully over Aidan's shoulders and back.

“Understood.” Aidan’s head lulled to the side for a moment, distracted by the heat on his aching muscles. “The question was about the picture on your dresser. Forgive me for touching, I was a little disoriented when I woke up and wanted to figure out where I was. But, I was wondering, about your twin brother. Mind if I ask about him?”

"What about him?" Seishirou asked, his tone the same as before.

“Well, hmm, is he as incorrigible as you are?” He asked in a friendly tone, realizing that he really didn’t have any right to ask about Seishirou’s family life, but was curious the moment he saw that the lawyer had a twin. It was an interesting fact, and he suddenly wanted to know more about Seishirou and his twin brother. He sighed. His behavior was so odd, and it didn’t go unnoticed, but he called it merely under the influence of the warm water and the closeness of another individual; of course he would want to have some personal talk.

"We're opposites," he replied smoothly.

“I see. Hmm, since I hope to be coming over to your house more, and of course you come over to mine, I wonder, will I meet him ever? I must say, it’s quite interesting to find out that you have a twin, and one that has an opposite personality of yours, even more so. If you don’t mind me saying.” He spoke in a complimentary tone, believing completely that he was giving Seishirou and his mysterious twin compliments if only because he wanted to continue contact and meet respectively.

Seishirou was quiet for a moment. "We... we don't talk very often."

“Oh.” His smile disappeared for a moment, wondering after that, but decided that that might be a bit too much information to ask for in such a short notice. Besides, he just got to see how kind and interesting Seishirou was when he wasn’t in public, so it would be a shame to end the budding relationship (whatever that relationship may be) with some annoying questions or remarks. “How unfortunate. For him, of course."

Seishirou managed a smile but it was wistful. "Maybe someday we'll make up."

“I’m very sure you will. I can’t think of anyone that you wouldn’t be able to charm.” He smiled gracefully, conceding in the fact that Seishirou had better skills of charming others than he did – he really didn’t have patience for people after awhile though he did try to be nice for as long as possible, but most people can tell when someone is being falsely nice. “I think I’ve wasted enough of your time babying me.” Though truly, he would have liked to be babied more for as soon as he got home, he would have to do so himself. He doubted John would be so kind as to help him – mock him, yes, but help no. “And I fear that both of us have some business that has to be taken care of.” Who knew when those horrible little gangsters would be calling him asking him for assistance?

"You can keep the shirt I left for you on the bed. I'll reimburse you for the one I tore last night, Mr. Harker. I'm terribly sorry about that. It was a very fine shirt." Seishirou stood up and brought one of the towels over for Aidan. He held it open, ready to wrap it around the other when he stepped out. It was one of those nice oversized terrycloth towels. Seishirou favored them to linen.

“No worry. I’ll remember to send you the bill for it.” He laughed to himself somewhat before getting out of the tub to be wrapped in the towel offered by Seishirou. “As I’ve said before, you are quite the most generous and gracious hosts that I’ve had in awhile. I’m almost depressed that I have to go.”

The Asian man grinned and rubbed his hands over the towel, helping to blot off any dripping water. "I'll give you my card on the way out. Perhaps we can have dinner this weekend."

“Of course, I humbly accept your invitation, Seishirou-san. And by then, I’ll be sure to be able to say your last name.” He was certain that he would succeed in that, pleased with his resolve as he kept smiling, heading into the bedroom to dress.

"I'm more worried about how you say my first name," he said with a wink, casually following Aidan to the bedroom. "I hope to hear it the next time we spend an evening together."

“Perhaps.” Aidan shrugged his good shoulder, picking up the shirt that Seishirou had graciously gave him before putting it on, with some difficulties with his bad arm, but that was to be expected. Still the hot water helped the muscles so that he wasn’t completely tearing as he did it. Either way, he made conversation. “This is quite a lovely shirt. Thank you for letting me borrow it.”

"You may keep it if you'd like," Seishirou added. It was uncharacteristic of him to give anything away, particularly his clothes which were all tailored for him. But he didn't mind. Aidan was really being good about this whole incident.

"Thank you. I think I might." He laughed in a light-hearted fashion that the clothes were a little too big for him, but he was fine with it, either way. Beggars couldn't be choosers -- well, he normally was and wouldn't change, but Seishirou had been so kind to tend to him when he was quite used to being brushed aside for all his wants, which was quite annoying for someone like himself.

Seishirou phones a taxi as Aidan finished dressing, unsure of where either of their vehicles were at this point in time. He returned to the room and leaned on the frame of the door casually. "A taxi should be here soon. I've taken care of the expense already."

“Again, you are far too kind. But anyway, for our weekend dinner, I promise to pay for that.” He smiled in turn before walking towards Seishirou. Aidan thought it was horribly hilarious that the person that he recently hates was someone that he actually thought he could get along with. They were quite similar, which probably was why they had troubles getting along at first. But he chose not to think too much on that rather unfortunate time. “Ah well, I thank you for the rather interesting encounter, Seishirou-san. Let's do it again some time... ah... minus the bodily injury, of course.”

Seishirou grinned, flashing his teeth at the other man. He padded over to the dresses and took one of his business cards from the case. Holding it between his first and second finger he offered it with a little bow. "Whenever you call, Mr. Harker." He said, his smile audible in his words.

Aidan smirked at the bow, before taking the card from Seishirou, giving a slight bow as well, unable to really stop himself from doing so. He stared at it for a moment, smiling just enough to see a little bit of his teeth before shaking his head to slide the card into his pocket. “Until then, Seishirou-san.”

He bowed his head once more like the circumstances were more a formal agreement between two businessmen rather than the odd situation that he found himself. Aidan put on his best cordial smile, tipping his head one last time in thanks, before turning to leave out the door to wait for his taxi.


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Yay awkwardness!

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So... is Aidan going home to John after that? *snerk*

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Probably. LOL. Might try to get John to take care of him. Fat chance, but he's all weepy and thinks that might help his case.

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I would pay money to be a fly in the wall for THAT scene!

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