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Woo, third post!
by [ kind of lopsidedlike ] (sidecharacter)
at December 5th, 2005 (12:18 am)

July 22 1973 – Aidan William Harker born to Richard and Eileen Harker.

• 1978 – 1990 : Private School

o Aidan doesn't have any friends if any that are not superficial; all of which he lost touch with. He realizes his own sexuality, though really finds out that he's always known. It makes him less inclined to interact with others as he doesn't want to develop a crush on any of the males, as they were either in denial, annoying or would kill him for even looking at them in a flirtatious fashion. As for the females, he didn't want to deal with middle / high school drama of dealing with explaining why he broke up with so-and-so, as he would probably have to continue breaking up with girls and be seen as a jerk in the public opinion, which just disgusted him.

• 1991 – 1996 : Medical School

o Has no relationships while in medical school, purely focuses on his studying.

o March 1994 – December 1995. Father’s business goes under. Business partners blame his father. Entire family goes bankrupt under the lawsuits – the reason why the business went under was that his father was embezzling money. However, Aidan doesn’t know this, at best; he thinks that his father was just the scapegoat for a failed company.

* Father takes out massive debt from the bank to continue paying Aidan’s medical school, the mortgage, in short, keep images that they are still the rich, successful family that they once were.

* Father commits suicide as he was unable to pay back the debt and would never be able to pay it back – .42 handgun to the face, wrists broken from kickback.

* The bank comes to collect on the loan, but when they find that neither Aidan or his mother know what is going on, they are allowed time to pay it back – of course having to mortgage the house and nearly all the possessions to help pay back the bank for the massive loan taken out.

• Aidan’s mother becomes a self-employed prostitute; she has no other skills to really pay back the debt. Aidan promised that he would help her pay it back, but instead runs away the minute has the chance to do so, changing his name in the process (his first name change doesn't matter).

• 1997 – 1998 : Residency

o Moved into the apartment building that he is now living in. It is his living quarters / surgical room.

o Meets John. Saves his life. Finds out from overhearing the talk of police officers that he’s in Narcotics, and believes it is beneficial if he enlists John’s help from that moment on. Discovers John is nicer when he’s hyped up on morphine than not.

o Meets Seishirou. Hates him passionately.

o Changes name to Alexander Hayward, but still in his mind he's Aidan Harker and refers to himself as such. It gets confusing sometimes, but he somehow is able to keep it all straight.

o John is moved to Homicide. Aidan suddenly realizes just how much more valuable John is for while Narcotics puts the gangs in for prison for a long time, Homicide could give them capital punishment.

• 1999 - 2000 : Fellowship

o Still hates Seishirou. Starting to hate John for his cocky behavior, but he has less hate for John than Seishirou for one reason or another. The two could be considered friends -- minus the fact that Aidan has to pay John to come over (either with money or free check-ups [which John translated to free surgeries, because he doesn't like check-ups]).

• 2001 – 2005 : Working for Scardoni

o During these years (1996 – 2005: 9 years), Aidan learns how to play the violin to work past his sexual frustration; it doesn’t really work, but he has a handy talent to rub in the faces of others, so it evens out.

o July 22, 2000. As a “birthday present” to himself, and the start of his “new life,” and new name, he propositions John to sleep with him – confessing as it now dawns on him that he is twenty-seven years old and still a virgin. Though, if Aidan knew what would happen, he should have just waited.

o Sometime between July 23, 2000– December 2000, Seishirou and Aidan have some hate sex and Aidan starts to realize that Seishirou isn’t such a bad guy (this is after having sex with John, and he beats himself up over it because he’d rather have Seishirou be his first than John, because Seishirou would probably find it cute while John will hold it over his head forever; he keeps this from Seishirou because of that little shame).

o April 1, 2001, Aidan and Seishirou begin a more intimate relationship with each other. However, Aidan has not broken up with John, because while the two are more intimate, it was never said to stop seeing other people. So, Aidan doesn’t know about the sacrifice that Seishirou made for him. And either way, he feels obligated to keep the relationship with John still going for one reason or another. He calls it pity.

o Present Day. Meets Tobi. She’s one of the few females that he would be willing to interact with because she didn't appear to be a know-it-all, overly clingy or seems to be on some perpetual PMS.

o Aidan met Tobi in a cafe, where he asked her what she was reading, she thought that was a come-on, so he tried to tell her that it wasn't and she thought THAT was a come-on as well. But somehow the two had a good long talk together about what was going on (Aidan giving her his false name Alexander Hayward and was working as a private call-in surgeon). He found out that she needed a place to stay and told Tobi there was a convenient opening at his own apartment building. He'd put in a good word for her and she was sure to get in -- and lo and behold, she did, even on the same floor as Aidan so that they could visit each other whenever.

LOL. Changed good chunks out of Aidan's past so that it had nothing to do with that game. I like it more now.


Posted by: [ kind of lopsidedlike ] (sidecharacter)
Posted at: December 6th, 2005 03:16 am (UTC)


And thanks. <3

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